Baltimore City Schools PBIS  Principals Meeting October 17, 2005

The Baltimore City PBIS implementing schools principals’ forum was a great success. Words of encouragement and commitment to support PBIS in the schools were given by Ms. April Lewis to open the meeting. The key speakers were Ms. Mary Tridone, principal of Moravia Park Elementary Middle school and Ms. Sandra Powel the PBIS team leader. They shared with principals the hard work that went into getting their school to the current stage in implementation. The team is cohesive and working together. The message is the same from all staff to all students in all settings and guess what? The students of Moravia Park have noticed.  “Displays of appropriate behaviors are valued and acknowledged.” The school is quieter and transitions are more orderly, just to mention a few of the early observations. You have to speak to the staff to appreciate their enthusiasm for the program. Mr. Reginald Farrare, principal of McArthur Middle School was one of the keynote speakers, sharing his experiences with initiating and sustaining the implementation of PBIS at his school. The key message from these implementing schools is that success requires the active participation and support of the principal. Ask yourself “In what ways are you supporting PBIS at your school?” What can you start doing that you have not done in the past??? Can your team see and feel your support???? Can the students see through you that PBIS is a priority????? Mr. Milt McKenna from MSDE closed the meeting by putting PBIS initiation in perspective.



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