The January 2005 Coaches' Meeting was well received.  Over 125 people were in attendance and 86% of those completing an evaluation form rated the meeting as either Very Good or Excellent. Though members of the management team will review all of the evaluations some of the common comments included the following.

  1. It would be helpful if the meeting started considerably earlier. We understand that everyone has very busy schedules but when planning an event that encompasses representatives from the entire state we took into account coaches who needed to travel upwards of 3 hours to get to the meeting.
  2. Sharing Maryland's data was helpful.  The state leadership team can not express enough how impressive the data are.  We realize that the success Maryland is demonstrating and our role as one of the leading states in the PBIS process is largely attributed to the commitment and hard work from our coaches.
  3. Lunch was great.  We are glad you enjoyed yourselves.  When getting ready to plan the day many people requested..."No more tuna, please."


Many people requested copies of the presentations to share with their teams.  We hope this information is helpful.

Maryland Progress Report Teri Lewis-Palmer ppt pdf
First Year Coaches ~ Boot Camp Teri Lewis-Palmer and Susan Barrett ppt pdf
Creative Incentives and Ideas for Funding Murray Hill Middle School ppt pdf
Western Heights Middle School ppt pdf
Chesapeake Bay Middle School ppt pdf
Allegany County Schools ppt pdf
BIG Five and Beyond Lynne Weise ppt pdf
First Year Coaches ~ Facilitating A Team Meeting Sharon Conley and Joey Parr ppt pdf
Yellow Zone System Strategies Teri Lewis-Palmer ppt pdf

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