The School-wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based information system used to improve the behavior support in elementary, middle and high schools. The purpose of SWIS is to provide school personnel with accurate, timely, and practical information for making decisions about discipline systems.  School personnel collect on-going information about discipline events in their school, and enter this information through protected, web-based software.  SWIS provides summaries of this information for use in the design of effective behavior support for individual students, groups of students, or the whole student body.  With accurate and timely information, school personnel can make decisions that transform schools into safe, orderly, and supportive environments.

SWIS has three elements:  (a) information gathering, (b) web-based computer application for data entry and summary, and (c) use of information for decision-making.  SWIS is more than just a piece of computer software.  It is a practical process for helping school personnel make decisions about the (a) design and management of school-wide behavior support systems, (b) targeted interventions for problem behaviors, and/or (c) individual student behavior support systems.


SWIS is a coherent and flexible system for gathering problem behavior information.  However, problem behavior categories used within a school must be mutually exclusive (one problem behavior cannot fit more than one category) and exhaustive (a category for all problem behaviors).


Problem behavior information is entered by local school personnel daily or weekly. Entering discipline data is simple, fast, and accurate.  The information is instantly available in tables or bar graphs (histograms).  Confidentiality is protected through the use of school-specific passwords, and high quality data protection procedures.


SWIS Facilitators:  Maryland has trained several people to be SWIS facilitators who can provide support to school teams for SWIS compatibility, training, and on-going use.


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