PBIS Coaches

Coaching is an essential systems element for success with PBIS. Coaches have the content knowledge of the PBIS framework and professional behaviors to support sustained implementation at the school level. At the core, effective coaches assist schools in structuring their PBIS implementation to improve and integrate all of the data, systems, and evidence-based practices to support positive student outcomes (Figure 1) across a continuum of support (Figure 2).

Essential skills for coaching include:

Strong interpersonal and instructional skills to support team members’ ongoing knowledge development about PBIS core features (at the Tier1, Tier 2, and/or Tier 3 levels), behavioral theory, and a multi-tiered approach to organizing evidence-based practices.

Leadership skills to prompt team leads to plan for meetings, engage with building leadership to promote fidelity and sustainability, and attend team meetings to support an efficient and effective teaming process.

Data-informed problem-solving knowledge and experience to support teams with data collection, data analysis, problem-solving, solution development, and action planning.