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New? How To Get Involved

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Important Dates and Forms

PBIS MD Recognized Trainers

    General Requirements
    To become a trained school, recognized by PBIS Maryland, you will need to:

✔    Contact your system PBIS PoC for information on training events.
✔    Attend a team training event, delivered by a PBIS Maryland Recognized Trainer.
✔    Commit to remain active with PBIS.

    Readiness Requirements
    Is your school ready to become a trained school? Complete the forms below to see:

✔    PBIS MD Tier 1 Team Readiness
✔    PBIS MD Tier 2 Team Readiness

General Requirements for Team Training

 Tier 1  Standards and Protocols for Tier 1

1. Identify your leadership team. Team membership includes building administrator, family members, and includes: representation of grade levels and/or departments, applied behavioral expertise, coaching expertise, knowledge of student academic and behavior patterns, student representation (especially for high schools) (from Tiered Fidelity Inventory).

2. Identify at least four (4) members to attend team training. A building administrator must be one of the members attending the training. 

3. Attend the two-day Tier 1 New Team Training Event, delivered by a PBIS Maryland Tier 1 Recognized Trainer. The same team members must attend each day of training.

Remaining Active with PBIS Maryland

 Tier 1Meet training requirements for Tier 1 PBIS
Meet deadlines for data submission.
    • Fall – November 10th – IPI
    • Spring – April 10th – IPI
    • Spring – June 1st – TFI Tier 1 (2019-2020: self-evaluation for remaining active, completed by an external evaluator if you are applying for recognition)

 Tier 2Meet training requirements for Tier 2 PBIS
Meet deadlines for data submission
    • Fall – November 10th – IPI
    • Spring – April 10th – IPI 
    • Spring – June 1st – TFI Tier 2 (2019-2020: self-evaluation for remaining active)