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Research Briefs

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Using the SET/ISSET To Calculate The School Costs of PBIS

What Are The Economic Costs of Implementing SWPBIS In Comparison To The Benefits From Reducing Suspensions?

The Bullying Classroom Check-Up: Coaching Teachers To Detect, Prevent, and Respond To Bullying Using Mixed-Reality Simulation 

Preliminary Effects Of The Early Adolescent Coping Power Program

Promoting Cultural Proficiency & Student Engagement Through Double Check Coaching

MDS3 In High Schools: Impacts On  School-Wide & Classroom Behavior Supports

Testing The Effects Of SW-PBIS In Maryland State

Examining Utility Of PBIS Implementation Scores In Relation To Student Outcome

Triangulating School Climate Data

Cost Saved with Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

Costs of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) for the State, Districts and Schools

Tracking Time & Resources For Coaching To Promote 3-Tiered MTSS For Behavior

Teacher Stress and Burnout in Urban Middle Schools

Buffering Effects of Racial Discrimination on School Engagement: The Role of Culturally Responsive Teachers and Caring School Police

Rural School Climate

Interactional Quality In Middle Schools And The Role  Of Teacher, Classroom, & School Predictors

Teachers Supporting Teachers: Collegial Stress Support And Emotional Wellbeing

The Discipline Gap in Context: The Role of School Racial and Ethnic Diversity and Socioeconomic Status